Low and Slow

Low and slow BBQ has been one of the fastest growing meat trends I have ever seen in my 25 years in the industry. The reason I believe is the spectacular results you get from the cooking process, the sense of achievement and the recipe’s and people you meet when sharing your techniques and tricks you pick up on the way.

Some terms you may need to know is what we refer to as a stall, this is caused by the evaporation of liquid on the meats surface, similar to when we sweat. It is because of the heating rate of the meat and the temperature of the smoker matches that of the evaporative cooling and It can be frustrating as it can last for 1-2 hours. Don’t be tempted to increase the heat of the smoker.

We have decided to have a page dedicated to the low and slow so you can have a guide to come back to while you’re cooking. To help with the cooking process it is recommended that you cook to an internal temperature and not time, so for this you should have a meat thermometer which you can purchase from most BBQ shops.

Regardless of what type of smoker you use the cooking temperatures all remain the same and most of the time they talk in Fahrenheit not Celsius but we will give you both just don’t get them confused.

U.S.A Style Pork Ribs

(this is the only time you won’t need an internal thermometer)

Pulled Pork Collar Butt

Beef Short Ribs


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