How to Freeze, Thaw and Reheat Lamb

How to Freeze, Thaw & Reheat Lamb


How to Freeze Lamb

  • Trim fat, level out butchers’ mince and separate into meal portions for even defrosting
  • Put into airtight plastic freezer bags, seal, and then remove any excess air from the bag
  • Label with cut name, weight and date before placing in the freezer
  • Never refreeze defrosted meat

Freezer Storage Time for Fresh Lamb*

Sausage – 1-2 months

Mince – 2-3 months

Strips – 2-3 months

Diced – 2-3 months

Thin Steaks – 2-3 months

Steaks – 3-4 months

Roasts (bone in) – 4-6 months

Roasts (boned and rolled) – 4-6 months

Vacuum-packed meat (unopened) – 4-6 months


Freezer Storage Time for Cooked Lamb Dishes*

All cooked Lamb dishes – 1 month

*The ideal temperature for freezing is -18C to -15C

How to Thaw Lamb

The best way to defrost lamb is to leave it in the fridge until completely thawed. You will need to plan ahead buy the meat is much more tender and juicy if you allow it to thaw this way.

Simply separate portioed custs like chops or cutlets, keep freezer covering on and pop the lam in a dish on the lowest fridge shelf until completely thawed.

Thawing time for Lamb

Small Roast – 3-5 hours per 500g

Large Roast  – 4-7 hours per 500g

Steak (about 2cm thick) – 12 hours or overnight.

Thawing Lamb in a Microwave

You can thaw lamb in a microwave if you’re pressed for time. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Remove any freezer wrap and place lamb in a dish.
  • Use the pre-programmed ‘defrost’ setting on your microwave
  • When defrosting ince, remove outer portions from the dish as they thaw and set aside.
  • If the edges of custs feel warm, stop microwaving and allow to stand for a few minutes until edges are cold again.
  • One thawed cook lamb straight away – don’t leave it on the kitchen bench or in the fridge.

How to Reheat Lamb Dishes

  • Reheat your lamb dish in individual portions
  • Cover with a microwave lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap to trap steam and keep the meal moist.
  • Reheat meal for 2 minutes on highg, and then stand for 1 minute.
  • Feel the centre bottom of the plate to ensure the meal is thoroughly heated.
  • Take care when removing the lid or plastic wrap – the steam that is released can burn!
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